Manufacturing Processes

Screen printing

Screen Printing is a stenciling technique used to apply inked images to a wide variety of substrates. Using a stencil, or a series of stencils, the ink is distributed to the desired area by being pressed through a porous screen.

Ensel has a vast experience in screen printing process. Currently, our semi-automatic and high speed screen printing machines, provides excellent performance on final products, such as graphic overlays and membrane switches.

Our focus, is to offer a competitive product at lower prices and highest quality.

We have the capability to match the color you want and through this process, meet customer color requirements.

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Digital Printing

Digital printer is one of the options for printing on substrate films where the small visual details are critical or photos need to be printed as a final design.

Our current Mimaki digital printer provides an excellent adhesion and accurate reproduction of digital files.

Its technology offers exceptional print quality.


This kind of process is considered when some areas of the graphic overlay or membrane switch need to be raised, so, final user can feel the feedback of the key that is pressed.

Embossing is used for aesthetic purposes as well as functional uses in industries.

There are different types of embossing that can be done:

  • Polydome

  • Rail

  • Pillow

Die Cutting

Hard tooling is required for die cutting, often it is a steel rule die assembled onto wooden carved.

Our presses provides repeatability in process and are perfect for medium and large runs.

Some advantages are:

  • Uniformity

  • Low cost

  • Speed

  • Different shapes

Laser Cutting

It is one of the best options to cut materials where critical dimensions are specified as a requirement.

Laser cutting brings the availability to cut any shape or thickness material without compromising the quality.

It provides precision cutting and are perfect for short runs.

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