Nameplates & Graphic Overlays


Nameplates are made of a wide range of potential materials, such as Polycarbonate, Polyester, or Acrylic. All of these provide durable finishes.

Acrylic nameplates can be produced on material up to 10mm thick and are laser cut to size to give a good finish to the edges. On the other hand, plastic nameplates can be digitally printed and laser cutting is applied to get the best results.

Graphic overlays

Ensel has expertise in graphic overlay manufacturing for any application. All decorative, informative, and precision overlays are made within the highest quality standards and customer requirements.

Our team provides support on design development and the selection of materials/adhesive for each application in order to find the best solutions for your needs.

Below are some examples of nameplates and graphic overlays made in our plant.

Pillow Embossed Indicator

Sliding Strip Overlay

Hard Backer Overlay

Rail Embossed Overlay

Printing for Graphic Overlays and Nameplates

Digital printing and screen printing processes are combined to get exceptional printing for the most complex designs. Different types of UV textures and transparent inks can be printed for your displays.

For lower tolerances, laser cutting is the best option. Our manufacturing capabilities will provide you with the most reliable and highest performing graphic overlays.


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