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Converting Products

Posted by Nancy Figueroa | July 2021 

Converting products are present in our life but as the final user of a device we can’t see them.  These kinds of products commonly are into the devices,  they  have specific functions like protection for highest temperature, or the dust, or grease or noise. 

Could sound expensive if we consider that these products are made customized but in reality, converting products are cost-efficient and  in the market there are many materials that can be fitted at the needs of your project.

Ensel has the capabilities to convert the high quality materials that your application needs.

Some of processes we can offer are: 

If you need more information about these processes please click here.


And some of the most common materials that we manufacturing are in the next list: 

2. Flame retardant films

3. Absorbents

4. Adhesivos

Finally, to create quality conversion products it is important to choose the right material, this is why it is vital to know the environment and needs from the application.

With the material knowledge and technical abilities, Ensel offers recommendations that improve the quality of your application.

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