Membrane Switch


A membrane switch is a type of switch that uses a flexible membrane to activate a circuit. It consists of several layers of material, including a top layer that is touched by the user and a bottom layer that is connected to the circuit. When the top layer is pressed down, it activates the circuit by making contact with the bottom layer. Membrane switches are commonly used in electronic devices such as phones, computers, and appliances because they are low-cost, reliable, and easy to integrate into a circuit. They are also resistant to dust, moisture, and other environmental factors, which makes them suitable for use in harsh environments.

Membrane Switch

For over 20 years, Ensel has supplied membrane switches for a wide variety of applications, such as medical and industrial appliances, food service machines, testing equipment, and other markets.

All membranes are customized and made with advanced technology and the highest quality materials. We strive to bring you the best value for your membrane switch needs.

Our membrane switches are 100% tested in-house.

Flex Circuits

A flex circuit is a pattern of conductive traces bonded on a flexible substrate.

We offer the following types of flexible circuits:

IPC 6013 – Type 1

IPC 6013 – Type 2

IPC 6013 – Type 3

All flexible circuits are put through the highest levels of testing and inspection.

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